How can we make Ghost better?


Allow third party integrations with the Ghost publishing platform, and extensions of its functionality. Got ideas for specific apps? Leave a comment!

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    John O'NolanJohn O'Nolan shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Stripe and PayPal integration.

      • DavidDavid commented  · 

        Email integrations...Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, and ConvertKit for starters.

        And Zapier for everything else.

      • Gustavo TandeciarzGustavo Tandeciarz commented  · 

        Add support for OAuth login from 3rd parties, starting with Google's G-Suite so that we can have a private, internal blog using our Google login credentials. Maybe integrate this feature with making a blog private as well.

      • PaszaVonPomiotPaszaVonPomiot commented  · 

        Library manager to easily install/activate libraries like MathJax, Google Charts, etc.

      • Kevin OhlssonKevin Ohlsson commented  · 

        Please integrate IFTTT or Zapier into Ghost.


      • Mary ShawMary Shaw commented  · 

        Niche social media integration - for my knitting purposes, that means Ravelry - Starting with author links to Ravelry profiles.
        (For now I repurposed the Facebook link in my theme.)

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Auto twit a post as soon as its published on ghost blog.

      • Griffen FargoGriffen Fargo commented  · 

        Despite this being a great idea, I think Post Scheduling is a more important core feature to implement before expanding into 3rd Party Apps... The core platform must be a stable fully functional publishing Platform - offering 3rd party integrations does nothing to improve the core competencies.

      • DiGDiG commented  · 

        Apps would be backend? or front-end only?

        I have use case where I have a map, and posts are show as markers on the map (leaflet).
        It's pain now because I have to create a post countaining GeoJSON (json), and then link it to a specific post by specific tags... the template renders posts taged "MapFeature" as plain text in the page, and then at load a JS script transforms the text to json then to map markers...
        The problem is the pain linking things together by only the tags and the markdown parser is not aware of json so it replaces url with html <a> and breaks the json.

        Cools things to add maybe with Apps :

        - Ability to add properties to things, a plain text "data" property with a simple text input in editor, if the data is json formated, it should be usable in templates:
        {{#post}} {{data.myGreatOption}} {{/post}}
        {{#user}} {{data.links.facebook}} {{/user}}
        To search in data.... I can wait! :)

        - Ability to add/up/remove permissions, at least at import, the .json file exported by the editor is already fully specified for that!

        - Tags can be hidden
        - Ability to put tags on users, and config auto-tags : added automaticaly when the user posts

        - Abillity to have public pages and authenticated pages, for groups or specic member

        - A way to easily add template or a partial file from admin, and choose the template when editing and/or link a special tag to the template, as it's easy to add a tag (the tags UI should be more accessible close to the post title or publish button (desktop) )

      • Jake YeatonJake Yeaton commented  · 

        Allow authors to link there twitter handles so you can follow authors via twitter.

      • Dan MaharryDan Maharry commented  · 

        I'd like to suggest making it easier to embed objects from Spotify, Mixcloud and Soundcloud as those are the three sites I use the most often. I know that you can copy embed code from those three sites into Ghost and that's what I do at the moment, but it would be nice if there was a way for example to simply provide Ghost with a URL to what I want to share and have it do the rest. I believe some services such as Tumblr do this already.

      • EzraEzra commented  · 

        Contact forms, Post comment services.

      • felix Buehlfelix Buehl commented  · 

        I've hacked Prism.js into Ghost and my theme to have syntax highlighting also presented in the admin view. I would love to make a update-able plugin of it.

      • MaX FalsteinMaX Falstein commented  · 

        Automated post to Ello, Facebook, Google+, Instagram & Twitter on publishing blog post or article.

        Interactive social media linking in the main body of the UI to make an image the main image for posting to social networks.

      • Daniel TamkinDaniel Tamkin commented  · 

        Handlebar helper installers, when someone installs a new theme they get a prompt to go through the steps to install it's app as well.

      • Sean RussellSean Russell commented  · 

        Translation integration with Gengo or other translation service

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