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Official Mobile App

This is obviously more of a moonshot than a core request.

I think it would be great if there was an official Ghost App that allowed for connecting to Ghost(Pro) or self hosted Ghost blogs.

The emphasis here is that it needs to be an official Ghost App and not third party. This is to ensure trust.

Day mode and night more in the editor would be valuable.

It should support offline mode. Capturing of posts offline and then syncing them up to the blog when a connection is available.

Platforms to support, iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

I don't see why this can't be a paid for app to help cover the cost of development and maintenance, even if the app is also open sourced within a separate mobile app repo.

Alternatively an IA Writer Pro integration could also work, instead of syncing with DropBox or iCloud Drive sync with a Ghost Blog.

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    Nathan JefferyNathan Jeffery shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I canceled my Ghost Pro subscriptions because my preferred IOS browser (Safari) would not let me insert a featured image into a blog post. Instead it would take me to a blank screen. There was also a problem with moving the cursor around in the text. So a Ghost mobile app is much needed for people that write on their mobile device (I use a bluetooth keyboard for my iPhone).

      • KevinKevin commented  · 

        I would love ghost official app to work with ghost pro blog and would expect all the ghost desktop app features to be included to make it work easy and access and write on the go.
        Would be perfect for travelers and all who got less time to spend on PC.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I am an iOS developer, and would be happy to participate in such an app. I am a vivid Ghost fan, and I agree that an iOS App is greatly missed.

      • Wijnand KarsensWijnand Karsens commented  · 

        I think PWA for every standalone ghost application would be really really useful. And then the ghost app itself could be something comparable to medium.

      • PaszaVonPomiotPaszaVonPomiot commented  · 

        This is a "could have" category. I think there are more important things to do for Ghost.

      • Brandon BleauBrandon Bleau commented  · 

        I would prefer to see a progressive web experience on mobile, so that I could manage the blog from my phone via my own ghost instance. Making use caching, background sync, and push notification to name a few Web APIs would produce an amazing experience that give a native like experience on any device of my choosing.

        - Caching for offline
        - Background Sync for storing posts to be published once online again
        - Push Notifications for important events that take place in the ghost instance.

        Service Workers are picking up support in many modern browser, and a few of them are already pushing key elements for it to their stable channels (Firefox and Chrome/Chromium). I already use Service Workers in my theme, so I know the technology is getting there.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        c'mon. a mobile app can't be optional. of course we want to post from our phones.

      • Jeremy BaeJeremy Bae commented  · 

        IA Writer integration would be great!

      • lukas strassellukas strassel commented  · 

        @Dan Dascalescu: Adding a manifest.json is now possible and I think adding service workers was already possible? So there are no more road blocks for pwa

      • Dan DascalescuDan Dascalescu commented  · 

        Given the resource constraints, it might be better to spend time building one PWA instead of mobile apps for Android and iOS. (See A PWA would only really require adding Service Worker and a manifest.json file.

        Patagonia, for example, announced that they no longer need the native app -

      • Vicky ChijwaniVicky Chijwani commented  · 

        While the Ghost team works on shipping other higher-priority features, I've created a free and open-source Android app for Ghost, with a special focus on design and performance (the app works offline too!). I am actively adding new features to it and would love to get some feedback :). Get it here:

        I hope this comment is not considered inappropriate or spammy, if so please let me know and I'll remove it!

      • Vergel EvansVergel Evans commented  · 

        It's quite possible to build this out once the Private API is available. It would be possible to even wrap a version of the Ghost-Client folder in a PhoneGap type solution and publish it out to iOS and Android.

        I've done something similar with my own app, and use JSON to move data in and out of it.

      • Emma ChengEmma Cheng commented  · 

        I'm a UI/X developer, and I advise all clients that they should be using Ghost for blog post and article publishing. Additionally, I maintain multiple Ghost instances for my own blogs. I would gladly pay $100 for a dedicated Ghost app that would allow me to manage multiple Ghost instances. That said, the cost of the app should be a license, not an app store purchase. That way my "Ghost Mobile" license allows me to utilize any of my development devices instead of being just tied to a single app store account. The license could have an online admin that allows me to add my sites. Then when I log in on the mobile app, it shows me all the sites I can access and requires that I sign into each one once.

        Additionally, if such a platform is developed, such multi-instance management should also be available via a web app, no?

      • Daniel StantonDaniel Stanton commented  · 

        I think Window and OSX apps also make sense here. A full keyboard will always be more efficient than an onscreen or mini external keypad on a mobile or tablet, and the ability to write offline on a laptop and post when connected to the internet would be really helpful.

      • Beau NouvelleBeau Nouvelle commented  · 

        Ghostly app isn't available everywhere, at least not in the Aus store.

        I'm happy to work on a native iOS version of this app if we can get official support for it.

      • Jesse WatsonJesse Watson commented  · 

        Now this would only be for a viewport of a certain width, specifically mobile devices, that would have markdown snippets that can be inserted while writing. I understand that this would be considered to something along the lines of a more featured editor that Ghost is trying not to be cluttered with.

        Items such at creating links, uploading images, highlighting and code are some exmaples that could be used to encapsulate text or move the cursor to the center of that syntax to quickly format text while on a mobile browser or a touch screen.

        Again, this is not a request for a full featured editor, that is not what Ghost is aiming for, just shortcuts for authoring while on a mobile device.

      • Ian GreigIan Greig commented  · 

        iOS app needed. Ghostly does work! I don't see the need for apps to be 'official' -- independent developers may do it quicker and better given the API info they need.
        Assistance for apps such as iaWriter Pro, Write and Byword falls into this category. Surely a simple matter to enable the developers with respected apps that are already out there, already serving the Wordpress and Atom communities, to post to Ghost? Markdown posting is not complex.

      • Cameron BanowskyCameron Banowsky commented  · 

        Ghost is a web app. Not offline of course, but if you are really wanting to write on a tablet or phone, download a markdown editor and transfer when ready (or have the signal to do so).

      • Yagiz NizipliYagiz Nizipli commented  · 

        Actually, it is better for Ghost to deploy hybrid application. Selecting the proper front end library is the tricky part. I believe Google Closure Library will be a good choice. Should discuss it.

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